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Icelanders were the first foreign nationality to establish a settlement in an area that would become part of Manitoba. They established 'New Iceland' along the west coast of Lake Winnipeg between Winnipeg Beach and Hecla Island in 1875. A steady stream of immigration followed with a yearly average from 700 to 2,000 settlers.

By 1881, hardship and disease had taken a heavy toll and many families would leave for southern parts of the province including opportunities in Winnipeg.

A small Icelandic presence already existed in Winnipeg and would help the newcomers settle in. As the rapidly growing city expanded, an Icelandic enclave was established in the city's West End along Sargent Avenue.

By 1897, second generation Icelanders were attending Winnipeg schools and participating in sports. Many started playing ice hockey in Winnipeg as early as 1896. By 1920, they would be world champions ... read their story here

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The Society for International Hockey Research

The Society for International Hockey Research, is a growing network of writers, statisticians, collectors, broadcasters, academics and just plain hockey buffs, most of whom have been practicing their hobby, pretty well in isolation.

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Victor "Chick" Zamick

Canadian who played for Nottingham Panthers in the postwar heyday of English ice hockey...

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Wesley College Rink History

Jeff Nelson of Reading, England was researching sports logos on the Internet when he came across an odd article about a fellow falling through the roof of a covered hockey rink in Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada.

Exploring a bit more about this little rink in downtown Winnipeg would send Jeff on a 3-year journey, compiling a unique look at a slice of Winnipeg's hockey history ... CLICK HERE

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