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Bibliography on Manitoba Hockey

Venerable Winnipeg sportswriter, T. Kent Morgan has compiled an extensive list of articles and media on Manitoba hockey. You can source the list here.

Here's a great link to a BBC article on Sonny Rost

BBC Article on Sonny Rost HERE ...

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Joe Pelletier has created some terrific sites; Canada vs Russia 1972 Summit Series

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The Internet's largest depository of hockey data.

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The Society for International Hockey Research

The Society for International Hockey Research, is a growing network of writers, statisticians, collectors, broadcasters, academics and just plain hockey buffs, most of whom have been practicing their hobby, pretty well in isolation.

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Wesley College Rink History

Jeff Nelson of Reading, England was researching sports logos on the Internet when he came across an odd article about a fellow falling through the roof of a covered hockey rink in Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada.

Exploring a bit more about this little rink in downtown Winnipeg would send Jeff on a 3-year journey, compiling a unique look at a slice of Winnipeg's hockey history ... CLICK HERE

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