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On occasion, the Manitoba Hockey Hall of Fame receives inquiries and photographs from visitors providing updates, sharing stories or looking for information. If you've got some hockey photos or memories you'd like to share, we'd love to see them!

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We received an inquiry on this team photo from the family of Phenix Decosse, seated in the middle row right. They wanted to know which team this was. Our first clue was the man sitting in the center of the middle row. That is MBHHF member Tony Gingras of the 1901 and 1902 Stanley Cup champion Winnipeg Victorias.

Our research turned up that Tony Gingras was the Coach of this team, the 1908 Club du College St. Boniface / St. Boniface Hockey Team.

Roster; J. Rochon, Emmet Collins, Joseph Valcourt, Clem Loughlin, J. Picard, Phenix DeCosse, J. Hart, Alfred Brooks, Albert Baribeau, Coach - Tony Gingras , Manager - D. O'Reilly , President - A. Monette

As for Phenix Decosse, he was a talented and speedy forward that had attracted a lot of attention from the older Senior clubs in pursuit of the Allan Cup. However, after graduating with a medical degree, he would put away his skates and enlist in the CEF in 1916 as a surgeon for the First World War.

His teammate, MBHHF member Clem Loughlin went on to a pro career that included a Stanley Cup with the Victoria Cougars, who would become the Detroit Cougars of the NHL before eventually transitioning into the Detroit Red Wings. Loughlin would also coach the Chicago BlackHawks for 3 years from 1934-37.

Early Dauphin hockey club

Received this photo from a long-time Dauphin resident who would like to know any history that anyone might have about this team. We're estimating its from the early 1900s as cricket pads are being worn and the style of gloves. Anyone have a tip? Please let us know!

1936/37 Winnipeg Beach HC

We always encourage visitors to send us their hockey-related photos that may be sitting in a drawer or buried in old photo albums. Thanks to Liz Broadbent for these pics of the 1936/37 Winnipeg Beach Hockey Club and a 1933 shot of their rink.


"The Ice maker at Isaac Brock did a pretty good job - two rinks with boards, one large pleasure rink and a curling sheet.

Forgot the name of our ice guy, but the ice crew of Harrison, Black, Van Hellemond the younger, Sawry occasionally, both McConachy's and Granger were very close to matching his flooding technique. One of us had gotten the key to the community clubhouse. We would have been there all afternoon on Sunday, and we'd wait until they turned off the lights to signal closing time, gobble up all the left over hot dogs in the canteen at 10 cents each, and go back out, turn on the lights, scrape and flood the ice, and be on a fresh sheet of ice by 6pm with full equipment.

We'd play shinny til 8 or 9 and then go home to catch hell from Mom cause she had made supper. No-one worried we had been kidnapped or abducted, just figured we were still at the rink. That was heaven............... Dave McConachy"

Starting the 1945/46 season, the MJHL's Winnipeg Rangers had plugged a promising new defenceman into their lineup. His durability continues to pay off. Ed Rohatynski recently celebrated his 90th birthday with family and friends in White Rock, BC. Congrats Ed!

The buildings in the background indicate that it is likely taken at the Victoria-Albert school rink located at William Avenue and Ellen Street. But, does anyone recognize any of the players?

Ray Carter submitted this photo of his Dad's hockey team guessing it to be around 1936. Anyone have any information they can help out with?

Jessie Ferguson's family sent this photo, looking for information on their great-grandmothers playing days. Turns out, Jessie played Goal for the Sherbrooke station team in the Women's Telephone League prior to the First World War. WTL games were very popular, drawing sizeable crowds.


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