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Bob 'Pinky' Davie

Manitoba Hockey Hall of Fame writer, Ty Dilello has put together an interesting article on the hockey life of Beausejour, Manitoba's Bob 'Pinky Davie.
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Clarence "Sonny" Rost

Remembering One of the Best - by T. Kent Morgan & Dutch Holland

Only readers with an interest in Manitoba hockey history may recognize the name of Clarence (Sonny) Rost, who died in England in 2008. Rost had a UK playing career which spanned nearly three decades, from 1934 to 1962...

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Cully Wilson

In the early 20th century, descendants of Icelandic immigrants in North America had to fight for acceptance in many walks of life. Professional hockey was no exception, and few fought harder than Cully Wilson, who played for teams ranging from Winnipeg to Toronto to Seattle. Wes Wilson and Elma (Wilson) Kozub tell the story...

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Joseph Henry "Bad Joe" Hall

Bad Joe Hall earned his nickname, 'Bad Joe' for his rough and tumble style of play and high penalty count. He later helped to design the Tackaberry hockey boot. To learn more; Click here to visit Bad Joe Hall site - with thanks to Borden D. Mills

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Remembering Wayne Stephenson

As a hockey goaltender, it was Wayne Stephenson's burden to be an understudy.
read Tom Hawthorn's excellent article on Wayne Stephenson; Special to the Globe and Mail

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Samuel James "Sugar Jim" Henry

A Remembrance - By Ed Sweeney

"Sugar Jim" Henry played with the New York Rangers, Chicago Black Hawks and Boston Bruins between 1941 and 1955. He posted 27 shutouts and a 2.87 goals-against average in 406 NHL games.

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Terrance Gordon "Terry" Sawchuk

Terry Sawchuk was one of the greatest goaltenders in hockey history. He played more seasons and more games, recording more wins and more shutouts than any other goalie in the history of the NHL.

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