Honoured Members


Date of Birth: 1948-08-8
Date of Induction: 2022

There's a saying that goes, 'You don't notice the referee during the game unless he makes a bad call.' and Ron Ottawa was determinedto remain unnoticed on the ice.

Born in Winnipeg, Ron took to the outdoor rinks at Sinclair Park, CPAC and Northwood Community Club in Winnipeg's North End to play hockey.

In 1966, at the age of 18, Ron attended a game at Winnipeg Arena and noticed an advertisement for a referee clinic. Little did he know that he was signing up for a 52-year officiating career. Starting off at the outdoor rinks throughout the city, he would referee GWMHA games at all levels.

In the 70s, he was a referee/linesman at the Junior level in the WHL, MJHL and MMJHL leagues and at the Senior level in the CASH league and at the University level in the Great Plains Athletic Association (GPAC). He also began to take on instructor and referee clinics for the Manitoba Amateur Hockey Association (MAHA).

In the 80s, his experience earned him games at National University, Junior and Intermediate championship finals. He would retire from on-ice officiating in 1986 while continuing to support young officials. Ron also became part of the NHL Off-Ice-Officials crew in Winnipeg for the first version of the NHL Jets. He has supervised numerous International events in that role.

In 2011, the Winnipeg Jets returned to the NHL and Ron was appointed to the position of Crew Supervisor for the NHL Off-Ice Officials, a position he continues to hold today.

Ron's commitment and dedication to On-Ice Officiating and Off-Ice Officiating is extraordinary as he strives to support the development of thoughtful competent officials in Manitoba.