Honoured Members

Dutton, "Red" Mervyn

Date of Death: 1987-03-15
Date of Birth: 1898-07-23
* Honoured Member of the Hockey Hall of Fame

His hockey career almost ended at Vimy during World War I. After the war he returned and played senior hockey in 1919-20 with the Winnipegs and then turned pro in 1921 with Calgary in the WHL. In 1926 he signed with the NHL Montreal Maroons and stayed with them until 1930 when he shifted to the New York Americans. In 1936, he took over coaching and managing that club until 1942 when the team ceased to operate. When Frank Calder, the NHL President, died in 1943, Dutton was asked to fill the post and he remained until Clarence Campbell assumed the position in 1946.