Honoured Members

Michael Gobuty


Winnipeg-born and raised, Gobuty saved the popular but broke Winnipeg Jets franchise during the 1977/78 World Hockey Association season when he stepped forward with an investor group to keep the team in Winnipeg. After winning the Avco Cup and then losing Jet stars Anders Hedberg and Ulf Nilsson to the NHL in 1978, Gobuty struck a deal to acquire players from the disbanding Houston Aeros.  Hiring John Ferguson as Jets' GM, the Jets would go on to win a third AVCO Cup championship in 1979. Prior to the NHL/WHA merger he travelled thousands of miles to convince NHL owners that Winnipeg was a viable pro hockey town. His efforts paid off in 1979 with an NHL franchise for Winnipeg. Michael Gobuty is also a member of the WHA Hall of Fame.