Ed Sweeney Memorial Award Recipient Randy Turner "back In The Bigs"

The Manitoba Hockey Hall of Fame is pleased to announce that the first winner of an Ed Sweeney Memorial Award is Randy Turner, for his book Back In The Bigs.

Turner's book is carefully researched, clearly written, and beautifully illustrated. It celebrates the return of NHL hockey to Winnipeg in 2011, and also outlines the histories of all the professional hockey teams that have played in Winnipeg since the WHA Jets were established in 1972.

The Ed Sweeney Memorial Awards were established by the Manitoba Hockey Hall of Fame in 2014 to recognize publications (books, magazine articles, etc.) or production (films, plays, radio or television programs, etc.) that contribute significantly to awareness of Manitoba's hockey history. They are presented in memory of the late Ed Sweeney, a former Director of the Hall of Fame who worked tirelessly to collect artifacts and stories connected to Manitoba's hockey past. Information on the awards can be found on the website of the Manitoba Hockey Hall of Fame here.

Congratulations to Randy Turner on a terrific book.